This Land Speaks-Skibbereen


In Skibbereen, I learned all about digging up spuds and making fires. I stayed in what looked like a hobbit home made from scratch by my couch surfing host. The house was cozy and unique with a tree fort to the side and wooden hot tub overlooking the misty hills. It was sustainably built with wind to power electricity and wood stoves and good design to warm the rooms. I had to get used to peeing in the bushes (my aim is much improved since Japan I am proud to say…no piss on the pants) and pooing in a compost toilet. I spent much of my time here reconnecting with nature and taking long walks with my host’s dog. The hikes around the home led to breathtaking views of the coast on Knockomagh Hill. Ancient ruins lined the paths, and I felt the presence of magic vibrating in these mossy stones amongst overgrown trees. At the top, I observed the world go by for an hour or two embracing the wet, hazy sky, watching the birds come and go like the sea down below. I swam in the Lough Hyne, Ireland’s only salt water lake, with my host’s mom, who goes every day with friends, even in the winter. I felt vibrant wading in its salty cold. Phytoplankton reside in its depths and come alive when you touch the water’s surface in the moonlight. The bioluminescence of these organisms carresses, embraces, and follows with complete loyalty behind those that swim in its living water. Fairies dance on its surface and the glistening organisms chase them in ripples.


This land speaks
Time holds no place on its deserted emerald landscape
Of ancient mystery and manifested melody
Shadowy surfaces haunt heroic past
Masters of the forest go unnoticed
Mossy overgrown fingertips beckon us to touch history
Bioluminescent diamonds shimmer softly
Fairy fantasies of forgotten worlds dance
On this moonlit salt water surface of wandering plants
Modern motives lead to magical misinterpretation
Pagan traditions fade into myth, memory, dream…

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  1. Mercy said:

    Beautiful poem 🙂 I’m glad you’re getting better at your aiming. Takes awhile to master that skill. I have a long ways to go.

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