Scunthorpe-My British Family


Still ill with the ever-present sniffle/cough, I left for Scunthorpe to visit my host family from when I studied abroad in London six years ago. My mum, who nursed me to health back then, did the same again. In Scunthorpe, I got my own room and bed, a first in my trip. The shower was toasty warm, and I was filled to the brim daily with hot tea and hearty meals. I received much needed love and hugs from her beautiful daughters, who reminded me of my own nieces and nephews back home, whom I miss something fierce. Everyone in the family was so generous, taking me for walks around town, helping me get a much needed hair cut, taking me to the local museum, and fulfilling my vampire movie quota so I didn’t go through withdrawals. It had been far too long since last I saw them, and yet, I felt like I was right back at home the instant I walked in the door.


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