Bristol-Harry Potter!

After mad posting to make up for the time without my phone, I have finally caught up to current location. With all my resistance to technology, I have to say I have grown to love this little phone with all its various writing apps. I still have my well-loved moleskin with me though; there is something about pen on paper that inspires me in ways a computer cannot.
After Scunthorpe, I spent a few days in Bristol with a group of artsy, laid-back individuals, one of which surfed on my couch this summer. She showed me around the city by bike, and it felt very much like Portland with its scenic variety, creative energy, and youthful opportunity. I could live in this city with its tea shops, cafes, and pubs, so cozy and ideal for people watching, live music options and street art around every corner. I love the free expression of graffiti art and find it more moving and thought provoking than most gallery exhibits. It is raw and gritty like life. Days were spent in good company sleeping in and catching up on the Harry Potter movies. There was consensus that Ron does indeed become more attractive each film. My last night was spent with friends indulging in a sumptuous Indian spread and drinking at The Old Duke while listening to varying artists perform in an intimate atmosphere.


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