Getting Lost in Amsterdam



Windows framing snapshots
Snapshots of silhouettes
Silhouettes are shadows
Shadows that dance
Dance in alleyways
Alleyways to entice
Entice the curious
Curious to discover
Discover sexual satisfaction
Satisfaction of self
Selfish desire
Desire to be loved
Loved without judgement
Judgement of lust
Lust of what?
What is love?
Love to ease loneliness
Loneliness is fear
Fear of quiet
Quiet holding answers
Answers of empathy
Empathy leading to understanding
Understanding of lonely men
Men who look into windows
Windows framing snapshots
Snapshots of silhouettes.



Vapor trails dance on table tops
Into invisible salt
Roses in windows
Watch and wilt
Lights reveal stories
Not hidden by shades
Bicycles wave “Goodbye my love!”
Kisses come in threes
Cats have all the answers
Follow them to find home
A delicate neck remedies loneliness
Amongst the warmth of white feathers
Take a boat to nowhere
Only to find yourself at the beginning
Smile at a stranger
To catch glimpses of yourself.


Cat Eyes

Cat eyes call suffering souls
Follow so you can see
Calm comes when you acknowledge its presence
Peace is acceptance
Love is letting go
What you desire is already there
Stop searching and you will find.

Sleeping swans summon suffering souls
Follow so you can see
Rest is found in stillness
Beauty is being
Freedom is knowledge of self
Frantic is the mind that controls.



Circles, always circles
How long will she travel
Only to return to the same place
Amusing is the girl who runs away
Only to circle the globe
And find herself at the very beginning.


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