Berlin Natural History Museum: Observations

lapis lazuli

In the Natural History Museum of Berlin, I wandered through a gallery of rocks. The ones that go bling bling and sparkle in the light. As a young teen, I read a book about a girl who had lapis lazuli eyes that drew men in much like the sirens lured ships in, only to be crushed along the rocks. The thought of such deep blue eyes and feminine power has always intrigued me, and I felt mesmerized by the lapis lazuli stones amongst the collection. Note to self: There is no need to wait for someone to buy you nice jewelery; I am going to buy myself a ring when I get home…a lapis lazuli ring.


Gaia Hypothesis: Earth is a self-regulating super organism.


Tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton: Brachiosaurus brancai, 13.27 m (43 f 6 in.) high, 150 million years old


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