Lude Mare, Crazy Women


It’s like with a rifle, if you just hold it in your hand, you know it’s the right one, you don’t have to shoot.”~Serbian idiom

luda mara

Novi Sad sounds like Christmas. I thought this when I first heard the city’s name. With snow all around me, this image of Novi Sad is confirmed. My experience here reminds me of everything I love about the time leading up to Christmas, from the beginning of December on. Snow, comfort, late mornings, good company, hearty food and indulgent desserts, reflections, dancing, joy, laughter, generous kindness, books you can’t but down, rakija liquor to warm the hands and the heart, so many lovely things. I met some wonderful women in this city. Strong, inspiring, beautiful, independent, and so wise. They felt like my friends back home, and I only spent a weekend with them. They are my sisters, even if not by blood, and I hope we will see each other again very soon. I’ll be working on my Serbian cursing for next time as I found a Serbian swear dictionary online. 😉



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