Like ships that pass in the night
We pass into and out of each other’s lives
We learn our lessons
Then return to the dark
Open and free
A little light in the distance
Close but out of reach.

The time has passed
We will not meet again
Our chapter is done
A new one begins.

You have wings
Now fly
Try something new
Or this blink in time
This brief moment will pass.

You will be you once more.

So fly
Let the change carry you
Transform you
To be new
To be white
To be infinite
To be uncaged.


But not lonely.

Open to new possibilities
To rise up out of the dusty ashes
To be confidant, reinvented
To be proud and beautiful.

Rise up then and be.

You will find true self awakened
You will hear the whispers in the trees
The beckoning of the constant waves gently calling you back
You will feel the wind pushing you forward
And you will have fire burning in your heart
Seeping into your soul
Warming your cheeks
As tears wash you clean.

You will be new.


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