Yo Estoy Enferma.

After only a few days in Honduras, I find myself horribly ill. I felt queasy leaving the states. On my second flight, I was asked if I really wanted to fly from Atlanta to Honduras by the attendant as I sat in my seat clammy with a paper bag. I didn’t think I was ill, that it was maybe nerves and lack of sleep after traveling for so many months, so I continued on. In San Pedro Sula, I didn’t eat anything, slept all day and night, and felt better Sunday morning when I left for Copán. As I have been eating the last few days though, I have progressively become sick again and now find myself too weak to get out of bed without feeling dizzy and nauseous. I have chalked my illness up to the bug everyone had going around before I left the states or a bad reaction to my anti-malarial pills, which I started shortly before I began to originally feel out of sorts. I have decided to forgo the anti-malaria pills and food for now, and after sleeping all day, I am feeling better. Other gringos eating and drinking the same things have been fine, so I am at least relieved it is most likely something from home and not here. I suppose the plus is that I may finally lose that eleven pounds I gained in Europe. 🙂

  1. Julie said:

    I hope you are still feeling better! Maybe it was that bug that Ellie had… I never threw up from it but I had a fever and my stomach was upset for days…. sorry : (

  2. Kyle said:

    Hey lady hope ya kicked the bug! Hope shit’s good. Miss you!

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