Creating a Community: Building a Village in San Jose, Guatemala


This past week I visited a clinic under construction in San Jose, an isolated, impoverished community in Guatemala 30 minutes from Copan Ruinas via unpaved roads. A few years ago, the people there didn’t have running water, kids were crammed into a dirty, dark building to attend school, and to go to a doctor could be an hour or more drive. Project School Supplies of Copan Ruinas is working with the Guatemalan government to build this clinic and staff it with permanent doctors and nurses. Project School Supplies also assisted in the construction of a water system, new school, and a bakery that will help create a more sustainable area for these people to thrive in who rely on farming for sustenance. The most beautiful thing about this project is that it is building a sense of community amongst those in San Jose. Although these people are being provided the resources to complete these projects, they are responsible for the actual development of the new village. Men from San Jose work on the construction every day in addition to their normal work. One can see a sense of pride in their faces as their own hands make their dreams realities. These people do not need hand-outs, but the tools to do what they are capable of. Everyone in the world has the power to create something beautiful, but sometimes it seems impossible to do so without the proper resources. To create something from nothing is overwhelming to even contemplate. What amazes me every day about life in Honduras is just how little people really need here to create something beautiful. In America, people have so much. They take for granted their ability to make their every dream a reality, but for those here, just a little can motivate people to build a whole new village.


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