Paint the World a Different Color


Before I left for Honduras, my niece copied the following poem on paper for me and said,”Auntie, this is a poem about you.” I found it tucked away in my journal today and felt gratitude in reading it as warmth filtered through my window during the afternoon light. I wanted to share it with all my fellow friends who are wanderers, the people I have met through random encounters and couch surfing who for a moment painted the world for me in a different shade than I would have picked. I have learned so much from you all and your adventures and continue to.


Where Sunshine Fairies Go

The sunshine fairies cannot rest,
When evening bells are rung.
Nor can they sleep in flowers,
When bedtime songs are sung.

They are such busy fairies.
Their work in never done.
For all around and round the world,
They travel with the sun.

And while you’re soundly sleeping,
They do the best they can,
Of painting cherry blossoms,
In faraway Japan,
The poppy fields of China,
With blossoms bright and gay,
They color on their way.

And all the happy children,
In islands of the sea,
Know little Ray O’sunshine,
Who plays with you and me.



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