The Life Undefined


Melt into me
Bodies no more
Unity in the differences
Making us complete.
What keeps us apart but the minds own limitation?
Its need to define that which needs no definition
You and I are words that define what?
Who or what we are?
Love is inadequate
Touch unfulfilling
This need to break boundaries
To reach out and pull you into me

How can we be closer?

Send us softly to the shore
Surrender us to the sunset
Gentle waves caress
Wrap us in your wisdom
Sway us into nonexistence
Take away this barrier
This tight unbearable skin
Free us into nothingness
So we can discover what it means to suffuse
To flow into being
There are no words for this moment
When atoms are no longer bound
Energy combining, igniting, changing, exciting
The buzzing of life unlimited
This melting into oneness
We loose you and I
But discover the beauty in the life undefined.


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