Life should be more than the structured work in our lives. How many times are we asked by someone we just met, “So what do you do?” Usually the response is a hesitant pause as though the question hasn’t been answered a hundred times the same way and then a summed up version of the work we get paid for. Human beings are so much more than that. What would a conversation look like if we all started to ask each other questions like “What do you love in life?,” “What are your dreams?,” and “If you could do anything, what would it be?”

These are the questions I am interested in. I don’t want a job to define me, but for me to define the job. How can I look at the world and ask myself “What can I share to make it better even if I am not getting paid or receiving benefits?” To give of my own volition and give freely to all I meet and to exchange and learn. I want to discover what people really need to find happiness, not what the media tells us we should have. I travel to discover what life without definition can look like, to respond, “What don’t I do?”

living in Honduras


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