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Thomas is meant to be a New Yorker. This was confirmed by a zipcar ride to Flushings that involved riding peoples’ asses at top speed, spontaneous honking, and swirving quickly in and out of traffic. Cars here have bumper protectors for obvious reasons. I spent much of the time during the drive holding my breath, peaking between fingers, and making little peeps of terror each time I felt my life might come to an end. If I were a bicyclist in NY, I would wear body armour. No one else here seems to share this sentiment. In fact, bicyclists seem to have a f*** you kind of attitude and zip amongst the traffic helmetless ignoring traffic lights and cutting off cars. When I mentioned to Thomas he was more terrifying than any taxi driver I have been with in any country, he replied, “This is not as bad as Vietnam, there it is like playing chicken.” My mistake…I thought that was what we were doing.

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